Human Rights and Democracy Link Africa / RIDE-AFRICA has initiated many ways to uplift a community, building classrooms, helping with environmental awareness projects, Supporting OVC and enable then access education, linkage to health services and provision of free legal support services and advice to the local community and other pro active voluntary services


Community volunteering is about helping people, so that they can help themselves. Volunteering is a life-changing experience. Some of our profound areas of volunteerism include Volunteering with children and educating young people in local communities as a way of giving them the resources, information and knowledge to escape poverty, contribute towards eradication of unfair social and traditional norms particularly on girl child education and for them to help their own communities grow in a sustainable manner. You will share the joy with the locals as they learn new life-changing skills and abilities, which will help them towards a better future.

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  • Gives you a way to help others
  • Helps improve your community
  • Helps strengthen your resume and college applications
  • Provides a way to meet new friends
  • Often results in personal growth
  • Gives you a way to gain work experience and learn more about certain jobs

Would you like to help support the activities or share knowledge with RIDE-AFRICA? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at;

info@ride-africa.org, rukidi.s@ride-africa.org, or call us on+256 772 463 522