• Open day celebrations in Kyanya SDA primary school
Strengthening the parent- child and teacher relationship is key. [
During open day celebrations on 14th June 2017 in the project school of Kyanya SDA primary school, parents, teachers children and local leaders where brought together to share different issues both challenges and achievements obtained at school and in the community. Challenges of poor sanitation, parent’s poor relationship towards the children and early marriages were identified. However, emphasis was put on the strengthening of the parent –child and teachers relationships in the school which would encourage the improvement of the performance of the pupils. Sanitation and hygiene was also encouraged both at home and school in order to prevent sickness hence parents vowed to keep it up as the school also promised to create a changing room for pupils. It was further emphasized to engage the law incases of early pregnancies and as parents to support the victims and take them back to school and secure their future thus prevention of violence against children.

The inspector of schools in Kasese district addressing the parents and youth during the open day celebrations.

Open day celebrations in Kyanya SDA primary school.

The project officer addressing the gathering in Kyanya SDA primary school during the open day celebrations.
• Teaming up with religious leaders in good parenting skills.
Religious leaders voice towards good parenting skills to End Violence against Children in the community
The religious leaders of both Maliba and Kitswamba s/c, Kasese districts vowed to start counseling services at churches of SDA, church of Uganda, Catholic Church and mosques for parents in the community on good parenting skills in order to prevent violence against children in the area. This was at a colorful training on 7th and 8th June 2017 that took place at the sub counties headquarters in Kasese. 30 religious leaders per Sub County participated in the training.
The religious leaders discussed the various issues that due to lack of good parenting skills, violence against children has increased in the homes, schools and communities. The religious leaders from different religious institutions shared their experiences on issues of domestic violence, poverty, ignorance about child rights and responsibilities (education & laws) and myth leading to violence and how they have handled these issues.
Thereafter, the community development officer emphasized counseling and guidance of both women and children in good parenting skills, engage the children in the religious activities and encouraged a strong relationships between the parents and the children (preferred the parents to be patient with their kids and create time to talk to them daily rather than concentrating on making money alone) in order to prevent violence against children in different districts.

Training of religious leaders in Kitswamba S/C on good parenting skills.

Group photo of religious leaders during the training of good parenting skills in Kitswamba S/C

Training of religious leaders on good parenting skills in Maliba S/C
• Model couples mobilization
Use of model couples as community counselors towards promotion good parenting skills.
The selection and training of 8 model couples in the sub counties of Maliba and Kitswamba as community counselors in good parenting skills on 4th and 5th May 2017 has enabled the improvement of 80 families in good parenting skills, good sanitation and hygiene, monitoring of the children at schools, immunizing of the children and development of kitchen garden in homes to promote nutrition, involvement of children in both cultural and religious morals.
The model couples also carry out the counseling and guidance sessions each couple reaching out to 10 households in order to amend the broken marriages which they refer to as the main cause of violence against children in the communities. ” am glad to have had the opportunity to receive the counseling services from the model couples because I have learned a lot about the up bring of children and how to communicate well in my marriage which has improved peace in my home………Am planning to construct another house for the kids…” says a man in Ibuga parish with 10 kids, 1 wife and the mother living in one small hunt.

Assessment of families with model couples in Kitswamba S/C.

Families assessed with model couples.

• Neighborhood Assemblies
Community dialogues leads to decrease in early marriages
During the community dialogues known as Neighborhood Assemblies in both Kitswamba and Maliba S/C on 10thMarch 2017, community people and local leaders discussed issues of early marriages and school drop outs in the area. Parents accepted to take back the impregnated children to school after delivering instead of marrying them off yet they are not of age and the community development officers encouraged all the step parents who are discouraging the step children to respect the children’s rights towards education.” As a parent i would disagree with the education of a girl child but after knowing their right to education through the neighborhood assembly sensitization, I now agree and know that it’s my responsibility to pay school fee and give my child a bright future……..” says madam Biira Edrine from Kyanya village.

Neighborhood assembly in Kitswamba S/C

Neighborhood assembly in Maliba S/C