Project name Area of Operation Period Budget Key Outcome Partner
4 Promoting Children Rights in Kyenjojo District Kyenjojo 2008- 2017 558,907,792 a.       172 Child Rights ambassadors, 87 Child Rights desk officers and 26 Psychosocial support ambassadors have been trained and provided with equipment like bicycles and stationary, to support in counseling, mentoring, handling and documenting child rights concerns not only in schools but also in the communities.

b.       Music instruments amounting up to 18,400,000 were procured and distributed to schools and communities to enhance advocacy and communication as a mode of promoting and protecting rights of children.

c.        87 primary schools have been supported with agricultural input & IGAs where 1553 children have directly benefited. 260 OVC have been brought back to formal school and supported with scholastic materials and school fees.

d.       30 Children have been supported with vocational skills training in carpentry, mechanics and tailoring. These have also been supported with startup capital in form of materials/ equipment to start business centers.

e.        Under economic strengthening, 27 Community Based Trainers have been equipped with skills and knowledge to train community members and VSLA groups with comprehensive financial management skills, upon which 42 VSLA groups have been formed with 1261 members with an average of up to 11 Million savings each group per year hence enabling parents to pay school fees, provide scholastic materials to their children as well us improving the general economic status of households.



Contact Person

Mr. JophesTwoole                                                                         M/s Gatrude Tibakanya

DCDO, Kyenjojo District                                                             District Education Officer

+256772570801                                                                                       +2567772669575

Kyenkjojo District.                                                                        Kyenkjojo District.