Project name Area of Operation Period Budget Key Outcome Partner
4 Promoting Children Rights in Kyenjojo District Kyenjojo 2008- 2017 558,907,792 a.       172 Child Rights ambassadors, 87 Child Rights desk officers and 26 Psychosocial support ambassadors have been trained and provided with equipment like bicycles and stationary, to support in counseling, mentoring, handling and documenting child rights concerns not only in schools but also in the communities.

b.       Music instruments amounting up to 18,400,000 were procured and distributed to schools and communities to enhance advocacy and communication as a mode of promoting and protecting rights of children.

c.        87 primary schools have been supported with agricultural input & IGAs where 1553 children have directly benefited. 260 OVC have been brought back to formal school and supported with scholastic materials and school fees.

d.       30 Children have been supported with vocational skills training in carpentry, mechanics and tailoring. These have also been supported with startup capital in form of materials/ equipment to start business centers.

e.        Under economic strengthening, 27 Community Based Trainers have been equipped with skills and knowledge to train community members and VSLA groups with comprehensive financial management skills, upon which 42 VSLA groups have been formed with 1261 members with an average of up to 11 Million savings each group per year hence enabling parents to pay school fees, provide scholastic materials to their children as well us improving the general economic status of households.



Contact Person

Mr. JophesTwoole                                                                         M/s Gatrude Tibakanya

DCDO, Kyenjojo District                                                             District Education Officer

+256772570801                                                                                       +2567772669575

Kyenkjojo District.                                                                        Kyenkjojo District.

Project name Area of Operation Period Budget Key Outcome Partner
2 Youth in Action Ntoroko 2014- to date 734,381,495 a.       1913 youths total reach have been taken through a 4 months training in various modules including My Self, My family, My community, My Business and My pathway. 213 in apprenticeship, 76 enrolled back into formal school, 119 in Vocation skills and 1505in business enterprise. Each of the youth has been given a 300,000/= Ugx seed capital (grant) to pursue their various pathways.

b.       93.4% (1794) youth have demonstrated high numeracy and literacy skills evidenced in quality record keeping both in individual, group and VSLAs.

c.        42VSLA groups have been formed (1260) and have accumulated 13Million Ugx hence improving access to financial services such as agricultural loans, saving schemes etc hence a great improvement on economic standards.

d.       Linkages; 985 youths have been linked to Microfinance institutions to access improved financial service, farmers cooperatives where they do not sell their produce, attain improved seeds at a subsidized prices but also attain expertise in farming knowledge and skills. Extension workers under district local government have also supported our youth in on- farm monitoring and training of youths.

e.        Gender mainstreaming; a gender analysis conducted in Ntoroko district indicated multiple gender issues including gender stereotyping and gender based violence. Gender mainstreaming awareness training of 2019 youths (including teenage mothers) were across the district was conducted along with community intervention post gender based violence counseling was done and victims are being followed up.

Save the Children
6 Community Action to prevent and manage conflicts and human rights violation in the Rwenzori region of Uganda Ntoroko (Bweramule, Nombe, Rwebisengo T/C, Karugutu T/C and Karugutu S/C) 2016- to date 106,891,852 a.    200 members from village trained to reach out to 10 citizens who will become peaceful co-existence community promoters through MDD, interface meetings and sharing of testimonies on conflict prevention and human rights promotion.

b.    Trained and equipped 60 Foot Piece Ambassadors  to train 30 members of their parishes each in consensus building, Conflict Analysis and Prevention, human rights promotion and protection not only, but prioritizing on children and youths


European Union and HIVOS
7 Youth Empowerment Support Ntoroko (Kanara T/C, Kanara S/C, Rwebisengo T/C, Karugutu T/C & Karugutu S/C) 161,373,044 a.       There has been improved enrolment where by 288 learners were enrolled in 2017(132boys, 156girls) due to improved access of basic education facilities that was put on ground by Save the Children International, this year 60 learners have been able to sit for PLE (Primary Leaving Examination) some of the learners in level two will sit for promotional exams and join the main stream while others will enroll under vocational skills training next year.

b.       16 VSLA groups have been formed within the three sub counties of Rwebisengo, Karugutu and Kanara TCs. The groups have 303 members (89 males and 214 female) majority of who are youth who completed vocational learning in 2015 and 2016 respectively. And have accumulated savings of up to 45 million.

c.        There has been an increase in the number of cases reported through the non-formal child protection structures from 63 in 2015, 96 in 2016 and so far 217 in 2017 either to police or to RIDE-AFRICA. This has been attributed to Enhanced child advocacy platforms in the area.

d.       514 youth and parents were trained on leadership and governance structures through routine community dialogues and assemblies. This has increased awareness on the protection and promotion of not only rights of children, but also rights of women and man. This has reduced on gender and domestic violence as well as promoted award Human Rights.

Save the Children


HON. KYAMANYWA TIMOTHY                                            MR. EVALINE KOBURUNGI

 +256782134936                                                                            +256773598157


NTOROKO                                                                                    NTOROKO


Project name Area of Operation Period Budget Key Outcome Partner
3 Prevention of Violence Against Children (through RWECO Consortium) Kasese (Maliba and Kitcwamba) 2015 – 2017 87,478,352 a.     4 Schools in Kasese were supported with sports materials, sanitary items, first aid kits as well as supported in renovating urinals for both girls and boys.

b.     60 Religious leaders have been identified and trained on good parenting skills upon which they use religious institutions (churches & Mosques) to create awareness and promote award and protection of children rights

c.      Up to 48 Community Neighborhood assemblies have been conducted (16 per Sub county) to create awareness about children rights and also provide a platform for follow-up of action on extents of awards of these rights.

d.     416 young boys and girls have been enrolled back into school, thanks to the support and advocacy provided in schools through various activities including sporting activities, radio talk shows, celebration events and debates.

e.      213 Child rights ambassadors were trained and equipped with skills on good parenting and prevention of Violence Against Children.

f.       160 couples have been, sensitized and trained to offer counseling and guidance services and train other families on good parenting skills with major focus on households facing both domestic and child violence.

East African Child Fund