RIDE-AFRICA a member of RWECO was implementing 3 years’ project titled Community action against prevention and mitigation of conflicts and human rights violations in the Rwenzori region. The project was implemented in the sub counties of Bweramule, Karugutu, Nombe, Karugutu town council and Rwebisengo town council in Ntoroko district.

RIDE AFRICA has been implementing this project in Ntoroko to reduce conflicts both at family and community level.  The project  identified a number of issues among which include but not limited to domestic violence, ethnic tensions, land disputes, human-wildlife conflict early marriages leading to child drop outs. Ride Africa has been engaging citizens on a number of platforms and Key community actions have been developed. The community and leaders  have pledged to take up responsibility of some of the local issues.

RIDE-AFRICA Facilitated members of each of  the 10 CBOS it was working with  to reach out to  citizens  who  became peaceful co-existence community promoters through music dance and drama (MDD), interface meetings and sharing of testimonies on conflict prevention and human rights. This was intended to mobilize the citizens form a force that was conflict sensitive and that would  promote and protect human rights.



RIDE-AFRICA would Conduct quarterly grass root sensitization on peace building, conflict management and human rights  organized  by  FPAs, CBO members and local leaders  through  community meetings/neighborhood  assemblies that are intended to promote peaceful co-existence The problematic issues raised during the community meetings would  form part of the package to be presented to district dialogue meetings. The community would also come up with community led approaches to handle issues raised.

The youth and children in school are the vanguards of development and can be misled if not given the right information on development challenges and current global trends. These youth now use social media to access information but also access wrong information that has made them get caught up in conflict situations. The youth in Ntoroko were victims of such misinformation; RIDEAFRICA through  this action engaged the youth  in peaceful co-existence activities such as  sports, debates on topics tailored to peace building and human rights protection. Those out of school were reachedout  through the youth platforms of cultural institutions, social media platforms and grass root sensitizations. The youth would participate in the Annual International day of Peace ( 21st Sept). These events worked for the youth and left a mark in their lives.