Economic empowerment support to Child Headed Households (CHH) in Bugaaki & Nyantungo sub counties in kyenjojo District from 1st March 2018 to date

The project is aimed at supporting and empowering vulnerable children in child headed households (CHH) economically in order for the children to access basic needs, remain and complete school. More so semi permanent houses have been constructed for the children previously staying in very poor houses to ensure better living conditions for them

This is being done in partnership with local government and community based structures to ensure support to the orphaned households is offered especially in mobilization and sensitization of the wider community on the need to support orphans to establish food gardens, offer labor during construction of kraals and houses as well as orientation of orphans on proper management and diversification of Income Generating Activities (piggery project) that is provided to the CHHs.

The project has identified and supported 20 House Holds with 2 pigs (1male &1 female to each household) which have now multiplied. This has enabled the beneficiaries to sell off some of the piglets and thus be able to pay school fees and access other basic needs. More so these households have been supported to establish food gardens with major purpose of providing enough food to eat and also sell off the surplus to meet their basic needs of life before the piggery project multiplies.

20 care takers have been identified ,trained and equipped with various skills in record keeping, business management skills .This is aimed at strengthen the capacity of care takers to look after the children ,manage and expand the earlier established piggery projects.

With the above interventions, CHH project has realized the following out comes

  • Improved incomes to the targeted households whereby at least each household is able to earn $55.5 quarterly on average from the sale of piglets and $8.3 from surplus foods grown at their homes
  • There are improved living conditions. To compliment the economic empowerment (income generating activities) 6 houses have been constructed for the children that did not have proper housing units this contributes to the children’s safety and safe at home
  • Increased retention of children in school as a result of accessibility to school fees and other scholastic materials from the sale of piglets and surplus food. More so, more 6(4F&2M) orphans have gone back to school this year totaling to  47(24F&23M) children all together that are in school right from 2018 and no drop out has been recorded.

Generally there is improvement in the welfare in the lives of the target orphans and the other members of the family in the target households.