Mr. Byayesu, a resident of Block “B” village, Kitswamba sub county, Kasese district is a nomadic pastoralist who lives with his extended family of 11 people (including 8 siblings, grandma, and the wife ) under one room hut, and more than 50% his 8 irregular school attending kids despite owning a large chunk of virgin land. Being dependants on cattle keeping as a major economic activity, Byayesu admitted being ignorant about education and adherence to unfair cultural influence, beliefs and practices in dowry and owning property. Due to the above, Byayesu couldn’t provide all the basic needs to his family.

Being occupants of a single hut, Byayesu’s children were exposed to a hall mark of physiological, emotional behavioral torture due to dense exposure to sexual activities carried out by the parents. More so, Sanitation, hygiene and nutrition was also a challenge to this household characterized by lack of a kitchen, bath room and the nature of the latrines was equally alarming.

Initiation of prevention of Violence Against Children initiative  by RIDE-AFRICA, specifically through the Model couple strategy, Byayesu and household members were supported routinely with Counseling and guidance service, he acknowledged the need for child education, manage their scholastic materials, build safer hygienic facilities, support kitchen gardening, provide an alternative shelter to not only provide a separate shelter for the parents and siblings but also provide more space and promote and maintain the rights of children.

……I realized that my kids were exposed to sexual acts at their tender ages hence decided to build a new hut for me and my wife and also build  reasonable bathroom which can protect the honor of elders in the home……..’ says Mr. Byayesu.

Byayesu’s household was supported with 20Kgs of maize seeds, which he planted and later harvested, sold and provided an alternative source of earning which enabled him to provide school fees and scholastic material to ALL his children

‘…….. Now I exercise compassion and sympathetic demands of my household member…..’

  RIDE- AFRICA’s intervention are a compliment reflection that transforms compassionate understanding into an act of authentic tenderness and humanity that raises not only our own level of emotional intelligence, but weaves that ethos into the larger fabric of society, hopefully for the greater good.

As Byayesu’s children mature and move away from a purely exterior orientation of parenting ignorance to one that is more interior and balanced, they will be a better foundation of emotional regulation for their future sibling and community.