Across all the sub-counties targeted by the project, VSLA groups have increased savings and credit access for the rural poor, improved micro and small enterprises, and increased women’s empowerment. Along with promoting small-scale enterprise development within the community, the VSLA group members also become well-organized advocates for different social issues with in their communities. These groups unite the schools and communities and enormously helps in addressing their problems. The following are stories from members of our VSLA groups.

George William (pictured) has nine children (out of which four are orphans), he borrowed from his VSLA group (in the back ground) and used his loan to start a trading in general merchandise. He uses part of his profit to pay his children’s school fees and recently bought a piglet with the remainder. He plans to raise the piglet till it produces and set up a big piggery project and start selling to butcheries in the trading center.