THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES : ” It didn’t matter being a school drop out”, she’s on her way to her dream.

The struggle continues

Alinaitwe Sarah 18 years a daughter to Mr. Tibakunirwa Nyamisingiri Nombe Ntoroko district dropped out of school due to failure to meet school dues which made her life hard the fact that she lived with her father alone. It was during church service that she heard of program that was to support out of school children of her age and she could not resist the golden opportunity to take her from the suffering that she was enduring.

She was enrolled on the program and one key thing she enjoyed and picked interest in was the saving concept which she put into practice as learning went on. She saved 1000 shillings daily and at the end of the month she had accumulated up to 20,000 and added a small loan of 50,000 from her aunt which she invested in fish trade.

She traded  fish for 1 month and was able to pay off the loan debt and  buy 2 piglets which are mature now. So she kept on saving the little she got from her proceeds of farming and fish trade and was able to open asmall retail shop which also has a provision for meals as breakfast and lunch that was demanded by clients since there was no other hotel around the center she was working in.

“Currently my enterprises and animals are worthy 3,500,000 shillings which is joy to my heart after a hard struggle in life. I attribute my success to my mentor Baluku Rickdan and the entire Youth In Action Team”

Left Alinaitwe Sarah in her retail shop and right attending to visitors during monitoring


Sarah showing off the goats she bought from the profits earned from her business