The beauty of investing in multiple enterprises

Bwambale Musiba a youth aged 21 years from Itojo dropped out of school in 2012 in primary 5 due to failure to pay fees .He started helping his parents do domestic chores since it was the only work at that time.

He was so desperate to earn a living away from home but did not see any chances coming his way until one day while relaxing in his village he heard of announcements about a youth program that would support vulnerable children.This was an opportunity he took up and was enrolled on the program with much desire to start anew life.

During learning, Musiba acquired skill in saving and community resource utilization which enabled him engage in cultivation and working as a porter on a building site. From these two activities he managed to make a saving which enabled him buy two goats for rearing before he received startup from Youth in action.

Bwambale received a grant of 300,000 in December 2015 with an idea of trading in livestock but resorted to live stock rearing alongside cultivation. He started with 6 goats which kept on multiplying up to 27 from which he sold off 7 of them amounting to 780,000 shillings and used the money to buy a bull equivalent to 500,000 and invested the balance in tomato growing.

“The beauty of my work is I never run out of basic needs and money to           support emergencies because I invest in multiple businesses which makes    me live a happy life. I can now support my family and also act as a role model to my fellow youth basing on what I do and what I have “

Bwambale’s current status is 20 goats, 1 bull, and a garden of tomatoes and 6 sacks of beans waiting for sale in Febraury 2018

Musiba future plan is to buy a bigger piece of land specifically to expand his on farm enterprises of tomato, beans, and maize growing plus livestock rearing.


“I am what I am because of Youth in Action Program and I will continue to live a hopeful person.”

Bwambale attending to his tomato garden (ABOVE)

Bwambale showing off goats he has accumulated from the few he started with.(above)

Musiba posing in front of the house he constructed out of the investments he made (above)