Benefits of Child Rights Promotion and Protection to schools

A testimony from Rwentuha and Nyakasenyi primary school head teachers

Kansime Rachael aged 14 years old P.4 at Nyakasenyi primary school had dropped out of school and used to work in a tea nursery bed but during the open space campaign at Katooke trading centre, she was sensitized about her rights as a child and realized that she had to go back to school to fulfill her right to education. When she came back to school, the CRC members welcomed her and kept on encouraging her to keep in school. Kansiime is promoted to primary six in the same school and she got division one in end of year promotion exams in 2016. The Child Rights Club has continued to support Kansime with scholastic materials to ensure she does not drop out before completing primary seven. The CRC has a garden for G/nuts which they will use to support the orphans when they mature.

Through the Child Rights Club some OVCs have been brought back to school for example, in 3rd term 2016 02 OVCs were brought back to school by club members, children know their rights and responsibilities, club members are very active in school activities, there has been improvement in discipline among pupils/club members, reduction of absenteeism as a result of improved responsibility among club members, learners have improved performance in class due to boosted confidence levels by the club, parents are testifying that children are more disciplined at home than before, there has been a positive change by parents towards supporting their children’s education through provision of scholastic materials, increased reporting of child abuse cases to the school among others.